J-1 Visa – Student Visa

Foreign students have the opportunity to study at American degree-granting post-secondary accredited academic institutions, or participate in a student internship program that will fulfill the educational objectives of the student’s degree program in his or her home country.

School Credit: University/college students may engage in degree-granting programs until completion or non-degree granting programs for no more than 24 months.

Employment: Students may engage in part-time employment under certain conditions, including good academic standing at their host institution.

Academic training: Students may participate in academic training with or without wages or other remuneration during their studies with the approval of the academic dean or adviser and the responsible officer at their sponsor organization.

Sponsors are required to:

  • Secure sufficient background information on the students to ensure that they have the academic credentials required for enrollment; or
  • Ensure that the foreign national has been admitted to, or accepted for a student internship program offered by, the post-secondary accredited academic institution.

Sponsors must ensure that the students pursue a full course of study at a post-secondary accredited academic institution in the United States.