Marriage Visa K-3/K-4

A spouse of a US Citizen can come to visit the United States on a nonimmigrant K-3 Visa.  Upon entry into the US, the K-3 visa holder will receive his/her green card in the mail within 4-6 weeks.  The greencard can only be issued in the United States.  US law does not recognize polygamous marriages (only the first spouse would be eligible for a K-3 visa), and only some common law marriages are recognized.  To find out if your marriage is recognized by the US government, please contact our immigration lawyers.

If a K-3 Visa is granted, any children of the couple (whether natural or adopted) are also able to apply for a K-4 visa.  However, a K-4 Visa can only be granted if a K-3 visa has already been approved.

Please consult with an experienced Immigration Attorney to analyze your goals and situation and advise you on your eligibility to enter the United States based on marriage to a US Citizen. Initial case evaluation is FREE.