M.C. Law Group, LLC is a full-service immigration law firm in Bridgeport, Connecticut, handling cases in all areas of immigration and nationality law.
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Connecticut Immigration Lawyers for All of Your Immigration Needs

M.C. Law Group, LLC is a full-service immigration law firm in Bridgeport, Connecticut, handling cases in all areas of immigration and nationality law. M.C. Law immigration lawyers represent immigration clients throughout the world and in all the United States. Additionally, Connecticut immigration attorneys at M.C. Law can handle family law, criminal law, and business law cases, with particular attention to potential immigration consequences.

M.C. Law immigration attorneys are licensed to practice in Connecticut and New York Courts, and in Immigration Courts throughout the U.S. We follow developments in immigration law, including congressional updates on immigration reform. Our immigration lawyers are involved in lobbying for the passage of the Dream Act to assist young people without an immigration status. M.C. Law immigration attorneys are honest and straight-forward, and only take cases when they believe they can deliver a positive result, whether it is a work permit, greencard, visa, stay of deportation, immigration bond, or U.S. citizenship.

The immigration attorneys at M.C. Law always guarantee in writing the scope of representation, additional costs, and legal fees. We will clarify upfront whether the retainer covers any additional work like appeals, responses to requests for additional evidence, notice of intent to deny, immigration court appearances, or drafting an immigration brief. Reviews from clients and fellow attorneys are a testament to our high-quality legal services.

Immigration Legal Advice

M.C. Law immigration lawyers are experienced in all aspects of U.S. immigration and citizenship law, and will find the U.S. immigration visa suitable for your situation. If you already have a visa or a “Green Card”, M.C. Law immigration attorneys can help transfer your visa, obtain a visa extension, or obtain the appropriate immigration waiver for criminal convictions or termination of immigration status so that you can maintain your immigration status and apply for Naturalization as a U.S. Citizen. M.C. Law immigration attorneys are experienced in finding solutions for individuals who illegally entered the U.S. without inspection (illegal immigrant or EWI). Such solutions include: waivers, parole-in-place for the spouses of the U.S. military personnel, cancellation of removal, prosecutorial discretion, and stay of removal. Immigration lawyers at M.C. Law Group advocate for a comprehensive amnesty for illegal immigrants to make legal immigration organized, simplified, and accessible.

The legal needs of immigrants require special attention because non-immigration legal matters often have consequences on an individual’s immigration status. All M.C. Law attorneys are immigration attorneys in addition to their other areas of practice. Therefore, they are aware of the pitfalls and problems legal or illegal immigrants may encounter in legal proceedings, particularly in criminal law and family law cases. If an immigrant faces criminal charges or has a criminal record, it may negatively affect his or her chances of obtaining a greencard, or may result in the loss of legal immigration/citizenship status altogether. Similarly, in family law, good moral character is one of the requirement for U.S. citizenship, so failure to pay child support may result in the denial of an application for U.S. Citizenship. We are experienced in recognizing and spotting these and other issues and take care to avoid costly mistakes that might jeopardize an immigrant's interests.

Furthermore, M.C. Law Group immigration lawyers have business law experience to assist domestic and international corporate and small business clients achieve their investment and immigration goals efficiently. We can provide USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) (formerly known as INS, Immigration and Naturalization Service), compliance such as I-9 Form and E-verify. For those seeking a green card through employment, we guide both the employer and the employee through the complexity of the labor certification and immigration petition in a PERM process.

International business associates benefit from our knowledge of the E-2 Treaty Investor visa process and L-1A Intracompany Transfer visas.

Immigration Legal Services

We handle a wide variety of cases, including representation in:

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M.C. Law immigration attorneys will travel to detained immigrants and will work with the families to bail them out.

We provide FREE legal advice on immigration issues, including how to obtain as social security number and driver's license eligibility. We supply materials on how to prepare for a citizenship test FREE of charge.

Our immigration lawyers conduct community outreach, seminars on immigration and due process rights during ICE raids. Contact the experienced immigration attorneys at M.C. Law to learn about your rights during immigration raids, and why you need a durable power of attorney.

M.C. Law Group prides itself on providing exceptional service at reasonable and affordable rates. We will customize legal fees structure to suit your ability to pay, and accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American all Express). We speak Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Bengali.

To learn about current developments in immigration law, visit the M.C. Law immigration law blog at uslegalvisa.blogspot.com. M.C. Law family law attorneys also provide free information about divorce and family law in relation to immigration law. The M.C. Law family law blog has resources and links on Connecticut family law. For more information about divorce in Connecticut, visit divorcelawyerconnecticut.wordpress.com

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  • Alex Meyerovich truly changed our family's life. With his superb guidance and the help of all the wonderful people In his office, we were able to bring my brother's wife here from the Phillippines. The process was exhausting and complicated and Alex took care of everything. Any time I had a question or concern (which happened a lot) I simply called his office and he gave me the answer and calmed me right down. Alex made a very complicated process effortless! He was always there for us. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you Alex!

  • I am so glad me and my husband went with Alex Meyerovich through the immigration process. The result was successful. Alex represented us, as his clients, with competence, professionalism and diligence. The attorney and his entire staff are very friendly, always ready to answer any question and give helpful advice. We appreciate everything Alex and MC law group did for us and highly recommend this law firm for everybody who is looking for legal service.

  • Alex is an excellent immigration attorney. He is extremely competent, always professional and very helpful. The entire process was handled well with no delays or hiccups in large part due to his excellent work and his hardworking team. Whenever we had questions, he was always very helpful in providing answers and was very reassuring. We are very appreciative of his good work and highly recommend him as an immigration attorney.

  • I would like to share my experience, having Alex as my immigration attorney was the best decision. He guided me throughout the process and was always ready to answer any of my numerous doubts and questions during the process. Very smart, friendly, reliable and responsible person. Alex Meyerovich and Rahul Chakravartty helped me with my very complicated immigration case. I recommend him to anyone who is in search of an Immigration Attorney to handle any Immigration case no matter how complicated your case is. Thanks Alex for being their every step of the way! your the best.

  • I highly recommend Alex Meyerovich to clients and attorneys who need to refer a client for immigration needs. Alex is very knowledgeable and personable. I have relied on Alex's support for complex immigration problems that my own clients faced in parallel divorce proceedings. He handled all matters well, provided the necessary insight and out of the box solutions for immigration issues.